Matalan City Centre Mirdif Re-opens

Matalan City Centre Mirdif Re-opens

Matalan’s branch in Dubai has reopen its door once again in one of the city’s busiest malls that is very close to residents and families, the City Centre Mirdif. Opening of said branch was done on 29th April 2019.

The branch had a complete refresh and developed a plan to increase its presentation of products to better improve the customer’s shopping experience.

“We are happy to announce that City Centre Mirdif branch will be operating once again. We will be implementing strategies which will not only drive profitability but will enhance customer satisfaction and engagement” said General Manager, Mr. Hasit Kakkad.

Matalan City Centre will be offering a variety of styles in season for ladies and a complete and playful collection of garments and clothing for kids and toddlers. Decorative furnishing and pieces for your home are also available with vibrant themes to meet your style. As always, customers can expect that every product it has is tailored to meet their needs for quality and affordability.

To also improve customer shopping experience, Matalan has upgraded its furniture designs creating a refreshing vibe the moment shoppers step inside.